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Some right characters

30 April 2014

I recently took a Character and Comedic Play course with the lovely Mick Barnfather. It was a wonderful four days of masks, costumes and games and I'd highly recommend it to anyone wanting to find new ways of creating characters. Thanks Mick!


Russell Brand skit

12 November 2013

Good old Russell Brand. I could listen to him for hours – and I did when I secretly tracked him down and filmed him. View my undercover documentary clip here...


Hairy Comedy. That’s right.

24 July 2013

I’m very pleased to be one of the first in a new comedy genre – Hairy Comedy. That’s right. Hairy. Comedy. Let’s hope it’s not ‘Hair today, gone tomorrow eh?’ (Ithankyou). See what Three Weeks says about this new hirsute genre here… 

Best New Sketch Act 2013 Heat 3 Winner

1 May 2013

I am through to the final of So You Think That's Funny? Best New Sketch Act 2013 -  a new competition set up by the Gilded Balloon and Sketch Club to promote sketch/character comedy.

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